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Submit 2023 Raven 100k Challenge Results

Two submissions needed for the 100k Challenge – first for your runs, second for your badges.

  1. Visit https://runsignup.com/ravenrocks/results and submit your distance results as soon as you complete the day’s run, walk, or hike(s).
  2. Submit your badge achievements/photos/other claims here: https://ravenrocksrun.org/raven-100k-challenge-badge-submission-form/you should use this form more than once to update us. If you submit more than once we will “superscore” to keep track of ALL of your badge achievements.

If you are in the challenge, join the Raven 100k November Challenge Strava Group!

Let us know if you have questions – ravenrocksrun@gmail.com.

2021 Last Caw

Get your badge submissions in by this weekend — and your distances in BY TONIGHT!

Let us know if you are having trouble getting anything to us and we will help!

  • If you completed the 2021 Raven 100k Challenge and have not posted your results yet to https://runsignup.com/ravenrocks/results yet you won’t receive a finisher woodallion!
    • Missing your woodallion after all that work would be a tragedy worthy of an Edgar Allen Poe work.
    • Submit your results now!