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2023 Raven Rocks Recap

Hello Raven Runners!

Last Sunday was a chilly day to start, with frost on the ground at 6am as your volunteers arrived for the race day setup. Luckily it was sunny and that took the edge off as the sun got higher in the sky. Plus the roaring fire pit helped keep the chill at bay until race start.

Raven Rocks 2023 Results

We had 246 runners finish on Sunday – backed by a team of around 40 race volunteers including registration and t-shirt table help, kitchen/food setup, course checkers, timing volunteers, photographers, the utility team, and more. We also could not have put on the race without the help of Ward Pound Ridge Reservation staff — and their fearless leader, Jeff Main. We want to thank the County of Westchester Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation for hosting us at the park. The Lewisboro Volunteer Ambulance Corps came to the race to be on standby to help in case of injury.

The race supports the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Participants are given the opportunity to join the friends group during registration, and nearly 90 of you took advantage. [You can STILL JOIN the friends group via this link: https://runsignup.com/Race/Donate/NY/CrossRiver/RavenRocksRun] Membership is at any dollar level. The most popular level is the $100 “Wood Turtle” level which gets the member a year long parking pass for the Rez. We raised over $5,600 for the friends group through the membership program on the registration website this year. Thank you Raven Runners, Hikers, and Walkers!

Musical Guests

We also had the two-man band of Casey Stanford (Guitar) and Layne Krulik (Drums) rocking mile 5.5 at Pell Hill in the meadow. Runners heard Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and many other rockin’ tunes as they headed downhill towards the finish around 3/4 mile away. Casey and Layne are 6th graders at John Jay Middle School. Thanks for braving the cold morning – and thanks to their roadies for getting them there! We hope they will come back for a return engagement in the spring and fall!

The Pell Hill Band: Casey Stanford (Guitar) and Layne Krulik (Drums)

Cobweb Crew

The Cobweb Crew – early morning volunteers! Many pre-ran the 10k course – and some of these folks also were sweeps.

The Cobweb Crew is a group of runners that go out well before the race and run the course to check that the markings are still there and everything is set for the race. We are confident in our trail course setting ability, but the whims of four legged (and two legged) creatures can lead to unexpected new paths. So we rely on the cobweb crew for this vital service which helps to keep all raven runners and hikers on course.

Race Highlights

The race had two repeat winners this year: Lindsay Felling (50:36) and Eamonn Sullivan (45:01). Both runners set new Raven Rocks course records! It was Lindsay’s 4th overall win at Raven Rocks and Eamonn’s second win.

The youngest finishers were a pair of 8-year olds running the race for the first time: Christian Piddington and Wyatt Nable.

The two youngest runners (8 years old each) running along the Raven Rocks trail overlooking the Stone River Ravine in Pound Ridge (Runners are Christian Piddington (8), Julie Piddington, Wyatt Nable (8), and David Nable. (photo by Carl van der Zandt)

All in all a very fun and energetic Sunday. Thank you to all who came, ran, helped, and watched. A great day all around!


Photo Gallery for 2023 (and prior years!)

We have a group of volunteer photographers (thank you Carol, Griffin, Carl, and Justin!) who came out to the race to help document the event. Their 2023 photos are available on our permanent gallery website here: https://leathermansloop.smugmug.com/Raven-Rocks-Run/2023

Links to prior years photos (2015-2023) is at this link: https://ravenrocksrun.org/photos/

Lastly – if you have photos YOU’D like to share (and be able to find years later!) post them to the 2023 runner’s upload album gallery using this link: https://leathermansloop.smugmug.com/upload/hQzcqM/2023

Some selected photos from 2023:

Raven Rocks 2023 Set for Tomorrow!

Click or press image to go to registration page.

The Raven Rocks Run is set to go tomorrow at 9am. See our Logistics Note for advice on getting to the park and getting oriented once you arrive.

Race organizers will be at the park and on the trails today doing the final prep work and fine tuning the course for our Sunday morning start.


There is Last Minute Online Registration available until this evening if you are deciding late to run – sign up now and make tomorrow morning easier for yourself!

THERE WILL BE SAME DAY REGISTRATION AT THE PARK TOMORROW! If you haven’t signed up yet but want to run – come early. Day of race registration opens at 7:30am.

Note: if you are running tomorrow and want to have an extra layer for the start but then want to peel it off (after that first big hill when you are warmed up!), we will have volunteers at Michigan Road (1 mile into the course, up the first big hill) who can collect your outer layers in a bin and will return them to the finish line area near the tent and fire put for you to pick up after you finish.

The course is the same as 2022 — barring any downed trees overnight! It is already “lightly marked” and the full and final marking will take place today.

There is a water stop at the 4 mile mark at the top of the Fire Tower climb (the highest spot on the course).

See you on the trails!

….Rob, Ciorsdan, and the Raven Volunteers

Raven Rocks 10k Run in 2023

The Raven Rocks Run is a challenging 10k trail run at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY.

Race is in-person Sunday, November 12th, 2023 starting at 9am. 

The race will start in the Meadow near the fallen oak tree and its massive remains. The course passes by the spot where the Leatherman’s Loop begins. Instead of heading towards the river as the Loop does, the Raven Rocks Run 10k course climbs and climbs up to the two highest points in the park (Raven Rocks Overlook and the Fire Tower Summit) before heading back for a (mostly) downhill and (relatively) flat finish.

The course passes by the site of the former Blue Trail fire tower which is the highest point in the park. We are working towards getting back the tower to its former spot in the park. See Course Map page for course details.

More information about the race and tower project is on the About page and the FAQ page of our ravenrocksrun.org website.

Sign up soon! We have gotten close to our limit the last few times we put on the race — so it could get full, or it may not. Depends on the runner demand!

Raven Rocks 10k Run and Raven 100k Challenge Return for 2023 – Nov 12, 2023

Trail Runners,

The Raven Rocks 10k Trail Run is BACK for its EIGHTH YEAR! 🙂

Date is Sunday, November 12, 2023 @9am for the RAVEN ROCKS 10k TRAIL RUN… Woo hoo!

We are also bringing back the Raven 100k Virtual Challenge for the fourth year — with all of the fun elements from last year — plus we’re looking to add a few more activities to the Virtual Raven 100k challenge during the month of November

Topline News

2023 shirt design

You can sign up for the Raven Rocks 10k Run or the Raven 100k November Challenge — or you can do BOTH!

Early bird (before 10/1) signups get the early bird discount. Signups for both events at the same time also get a discount which appears at checkout. 

Shirts this year will be one design and runners can choose to purchase the long-sleeved cotton shirts (traditional) and/or short sleeved tech fabric shirts. You can purchase one, both, or neither shirt. If you are a purely virtual Raven 100k Challenge runner, we will mail you your shirt (if ordered) — along with your finisher “woodallion” if you hit the 100k goal.

As always, these Raven events support the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. We encourage runners to join as members of the museum during registration to support their non-profit educational and conservation purpose. 

This year we are also planning to support the Friends of the Cross River Mountain Fire Tower. We will be working with the Westchester Parks Foundation and will be raising funds to support Westchester County and NY State in the restoration of the fire tower to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. That fundraising account will be set up soon with a range of support levels. More to come on this news!

See you on the trails!

….Rob Cummings, Raven Rocks & Raven Challenge race director

More detail about each event:

## Raven Rocks Run – 10k Trail Run ##

The Raven Rocks Run is a challenging 10k trail run at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY.

Race is in-person Sunday, November 12, 2023 starting at 9am. 

The race will start in the Meadow near the fallen oak tree and its massive remains. The course passes by the spot where the Leatherman’s Loop begins. Instead of heading towards the river as the Loop does, the Raven Rocks Run 10k course climbs and climbs up to the two highest points in the park (Raven Rocks Overlook and the Fire Tower Summit) before heading back for a (mostly) downhill and (relatively) flat finish.

The course passes by the site of the former Cross River Mountain Fire Tower which is the highest point in the park. We are working towards getting back the tower to its former spot in the park. See Course Map page for course details and the fire tower’s former (and if we can make it happen the future) location.

More information about the race and tower project is on the About page and the FAQ page of our ravenrocksrun.org website and also the crmfiretower.org information site.

We are looking forward to November when we will run this event for the EIGHTH time!

## Raven 100k Challenge ##

The Raven 100k Challenge is simple: first, register for the challenge. Then run, hike, or walk 100k during the month of November 2023.

Note: You can register as late as November 16 and enter your mileage to date when you register.
This works out to an average of around 3k per day or 25k (15 miles) per week.

If you complete the challenge, you will receive a wooden finisher medallion with achievement badges custom to your Raven Challenge journey. Shirts are optional. 

The Raven 100k Challenge supports the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization based at the Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. 

You can also join the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation for 2024 membership during signup. One of the most popular levels is the $100 “Wood Turtle” membership which gives the member a parking pass for the park either for the rest of 2023 or all of 2024 depending on when you join during the year.

Bonus achievements for the Raven 100k Challenge

In addition to running, walking, or hiking 100k during November, there are several bonus achievement badges you can unlock if you are able: 

  • Run 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (raven badge).This can be done at the Raven Rocks 10k Run race on Nov 12. It can also be done any time at the park. The Course will be marked from 11/9/23 – 11/12/23 for those unfamiliar with it.
  • Run 5x on the 10k Raven Rocks Run course (ultra raven badge)
  • Run 10x on the 10k Raven Rocks Run course (full flock badge)
  • Run 33x on the 10k Raven Rocks Run course (Peeter badge). Note: The Peeter badge is named after Peeter Muursepp who ran the Raven Rocks course 33x during the month of November 2020 during the First Raven 100k Challenge. Peeter exceeded his 2020 feat in 2021 with 63 Loops around the Raven Rocks Run 10k course during the month of November 2021. That is more than 2x RRR loops per day average.
    • Note: If you run 64x or more on the Raven Rocks Run course the Peeter badge is renamed after you. 
  • Take a selfie at the Raven Rocks Overlook and send it in (photographer badge)
  • Take a selfie at any Raven related site, store, zoo, etc. and send it in (traveler/citizen badge)
  • Submit a photo of yourself on a run with your “I Voted” sticker or if you can’t vote in the November election, next to someone with an “I Voted” sticker. (bald eagle badge
  • Run on Thanksgiving (turkey badge).Submit a Thanksgiving run photo to get a badge upgrade to the Photo Turkey badge.
  • Do a run in the dark to Raven Rocks (night owl badge). Note: you can use a headlamp or flashlight while running!
  • Do a run early in the morning to Raven Rocks (cobweb crew badge)
  • 200k distance in November (snowy owl badge)
  • 300k distance in November (white raven badge)
  • Read a stanza from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” poem and send us a link of you doing this. Use soundcloud, youtube, facebook, whatever service you want. We have most of the poem read by challenge participants last year but need a few more to complete the full 16 stanzas. (wise owl badge)
  • Find your Raven challenge object in the Rez (GPS Badge). See below for details

We are working to display the badges on your results page.

Woodallion Illustration from 2021. Bonus badges are added to the final woodallion if they are earned during the November challenge.

We will incorporate the badges on the physical wooden finisher “woodallion” that we create and send to you once you complete the Raven Challenge. See sample from 2021’s Raven Challenge here.

Any other badge ideas? We are open to suggestions.

In addition, we will have awards for:

  • First 3 men and First 3 women to 100k
  • Top 3 men and Top 3 women in total kilometers.

IMPORTANT: Anyone in contention for these Top 3 awards must make their entries in a timely manner: All entries must be made within 36 hours of your run/walk. 

This is to prevent participants from “batch entering” their results.

Keep your results up to date if you are in the running!

Note: In order to win these awards distance submissions need to be verifiable via GPX files.

See instructions submitting results on RunSignUp Raven 100k Challenge page.

Halfway bonus GPS challenge badge search

Photo of 2020 Woodallion with finisher’s name, distance run in the November challenge, unique achievements, and a number of badges earned added to the final recognition. This year’s woodallion will have a theme around this year’s artwork (see above) with the badges incorporated.

For those in the area near Ward Pound Ridge Reservation we have a special treat in mind that will lead to a bonus badge. If you opt-in via the status form (to be sent to participants in the challenge in November), then after you pass the 50 kilometer mark on your Raven 100k Challenge posted stats, we will send you your own coordinates via “What3Words” app to somewhere in the park where we have hidden a small challenge surprise for you to find. It will be obvious once you get there, but not easy to find unless you have the coordinates.

Everyone will have a different and unique spot somewhere in the park. Some will be further off-trail than others depending on how familiar you are with the park. Let us know when you find your halfway bonus (or if you can’t find it! – we don’t want to leave the challenge items out there!)

→ Sign up for the Raven Rocks Run and/or the Raven 100k Challenge Today!

You can participate in either event – they can be completely independent of each other. Or you can participate in both events. There is overlap in the 100k challenge and the 10k race since one of the Raven Challenge badges is awarded for completing the Raven Rocks Run course.

We are super happy to be out running on trails with you all! See you out there…

2023 Raven Rocks Run and Raven Challenge Open for Early Bird Registration

If you like to plan your races in advance, sign up now! Plus there is a special combo discount if you sign up for both events (10k race and 100k challenge) at the same time.

Raven Rocks 10k Run will be held Sunday, November 12, 2023. The Raven 100k Challenge is set for Nov 1-30, 2023. Both events are open for registration now!


Thanks for supporting the race — and the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation!

2022 Raven 100k Challenge Wrap-Up

Dear Raven 100k Challenge Participants,

Thank you for signing up and participating in the third annual Raven 100k Challenge this past November 2022.

Your distance, along with the badges you earned, is engraved in your custom woodallion which just entered production December 7 and will be mailed out to you after they are completed. If you want to see the badge descriptions, click here.

The second annual event was a success with 73 runners, hikers, and walkers ranging in age from 14 through 72 completing the challenge. Click here for links to photos contributed by participants during the month. 

Through this event — combined with the Raven Rocks 10k Run on November 13 — we raised $9,700 to date for the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

The Friends group supports the mission of education, conservation, and environmental action through the Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge programs. If you haven’t yet joined as a member for 2023 you can still do it at https://runsignup.com/ravenrocks/donate through December 31, 2022. Membership makes a great gift too!

We are already looking forward to November 2023 for the 4th Raven 100k Challenge – and the 8th Annual Raven Rocks 10k Trail Run. Mark your calendars for November 12, 2023!

Thanks again for your support.  If you have any questions or need to get in touch, our email address in ravenrocksrun@gmail.com.

Rob Cummings

Race Director, Raven 100k Challenge and Raven Rocks Run Trail Race

PS: Be sure to check the 2022 Raven 100k Challenge highlights below.

Some highlights from the 2022 Raven 100k Challenge include:

Longest distance covered and reported in November 2022

Paul Woolley – 1st overall male – 520.3kJoanie Dooley – 1st overall female – 409.9k
Jacob Benesch – 2nd overall male – 422.6kAndrea Mindell – 2nd overall female – 305.2k
Anthony Marino – 3rd overall male – 379.2kMea Sgaglio – 3rd overall female – 301.1k
Eric Foxhall – 4th overall male – 311.8kMary Rubini – 4th overall female – 294.5k
Jamie Howard – 5th overall male – 303.4kKathy Lynch – 5th overall female – 283.4k

First to 100k Milestone in November 2022

Paul Woolley – 1st male to 100kMea Sgaglio – 1st female to 100k
Anthony Marino – 2nd male to 100kJoanie Dooley – 2nd female to 100k
Eric Foxhall – 3rd male to 100kAndrea Mindell – 3rd female to 100k

  • Number of 2022 participants who completed the 100k: 73 total – 39 men, 34 women
  • Total badge types: 17 unique badges
  • Most total badge types possible for one person to earn in 2022: 15* 
  • Number of participants who earned the maximum number of 15 badges: 0
  • Most badges earned in 2022: 13 (Jacob Benesch, remote raven) and Gregory Boland (11)
  • Number of badges earned total: 347
  • Most common badge earned: Bald Eagle badge (63 of 73)
  • Second most common: Turkey badge (60 of 73)
  • Least common badge earned: Peeter Badge, (0 of 73),
  • Second least common badges: Raven Rockstar Badge, Full Flock, Raven Meteor (all 1 of 73)
  • Number of GPS challenge items hidden at the Rez: 30
  • Number of GPS challenge badges earned: 23
  • Number of GPS challenge items still hidden at the park: at least 7, we will be searching for them during an upcoming Sunday Run!
  • 2022 Participant who completed the most Raven Rocks Run 10k courses: Jacob Benesch (15 times in a 24 hour period (set September 2022 and recognized because he moved to Seattle the next week)! Jacob is one with the Raven.
  • Number of participants who reached 32 Raven Rocks 10k Loop courses completed in November 2022 required to earn the most difficult badge of all: The Peeter Badge: 0 of 73 
  • Note: if a participant gets 63 Raven Rocks courses or more in an upcoming year, the Peeter badge gets renamed for them… I don’t know if anyone will ever exceed the record on this. 
  • New Raven Meteor badge this year for participants who witness a meteor while running during November. Only one of our runners achieved this: Gregory Boland. Congrats Greg — You get a unique flair for your woodallion this year. Note for next year’s runners: The annual Leonid Meteor Shower is in Mid-Nov. each year and it is a perfect time for a night run and meteor gazing, sky cover permitting!
  • The Veteran’s Day “bonus star” badge (run, walk, or hike on 11/11) had 56 of 73 participants gaining this woodallion flair badge!
  • Other new badge ideas that challenge participants suggested include the Volunteer Badge and Raven2Raven badge (run the Raven Rocks courses at the Rez and Rockefeller Park in the same day). Also, the Coyote badge, Naked Raven badge, and Jose Cuervo badge. I still don’t know what the last three proposed badges entail, but I eagerly await the explanations. We are open to other badge suggestions as well – ravenrocksrun.org/contact-us
  • We also note achievements and appreciations on the woodallions each year.

Next year we plan to hold the 8th annual Raven Rocks Run 10k Trail Race at 9 a.m. on Sunday, November 12, 2023. We will also bring back the Raven 100k Challenge as well for a 4th year. Anyone who signs up for both events at the same time will get a break on the dual registration. There also will be a super early (bird) raven discount when registration opens in early 2023.

Thanks again for being a part of this event!

*the Full Flock badge (10x on the course) supersedes the Ultra Raven badge (5x on the course) which supersedes the Raven Badge (1x on the course).

Check ravenrocksrun.org/photos for links to pictures (from this year and past years)of the Raven 100k Challenge and the Raven Rocks Run.

2022 woodallions showing various badges earned.

2022 Photos

We have posted photos from our fantastic team of volunteer photographers here: https://leathermansloop.smugmug.com/Raven-Rocks-Run/2022

Thanks to photographers Carol Gordon, Tom Casper, Sawyer Cummings, Gene Leeds, and Rob Cummings.

We also had a GoPro set up capturing the finish line (to be posted). Once it is up. check to see your form as you got to your 10.3rd Kilometer…

There’s plenty of room for more photos if you want to share yours at our runner upload gallery here:

2022 Pre-race Speech

[These were the prepared remarks for the pre-race announcements for 2022. It was a bit on the cold and rainy side so I shortened them up. Here for your enjoyment are the complete thoughts of your race director on the morning of the Raven Rocks Run 2022 😉 …]

Start of the 2022 Race (video by Mike Mongiello)

Thank you for coming to the 7th annual Raven Rocks Run! Before we get going onto the course, I wanted to say hello – I am your race director Rob Cummings. I have a few items to cover briefly. 

Happy Birthday to Christina Stejskalova (33) from San Francisco?! 

104 of you joined (or renewed) Friends of Trailside Museum as members – over $9,000 raised. You can still sign up through at the race website’s Trailside Museum link

LAYERS. If you have layers on now and you get to the campground (about 1 mile in) and you want to leave your outer layer, we will have volunteers collecting them in bins and returning them to the finish area for you to pick up at the end of your race.

  • Start taking your layers off at the sand hill. We will be waiting at the bottom of the meadow to collect them.

THE COURSE. The course carries hazards. The leaves can be slick in spots and the rain in the last few days has left some wet spots on the trail and a few “water crossings” and “mud flats” features for your enjoyment. 

We did some course “grooming” over the past two weeks. But Tropical Storm Nicole had other ideas. Rocks, leaves, and other hazards are always a natural part of the trail. Take care and take those rocky downhills slowly. The uphills you can go fast on.

Course markings are pink flags, pink ribbon, and one spot with yellow caution tape (that’s the RAVEN ROCKS OVERLOOK) to keep you going on the right trail. Pre-run by Joe, Lee, Peeter, Jeff, Veronica, and many others. I am quite sure they scared the coyotes and bears away. 

SWEEPS. Sweeps will be following along behind the runners. If you can’t continue, stay on the course and the sweeps will catch up to you and send for help if you need it. They have cell phones, sweep maps, and LVAC contact info. 

After runners finish we will have awards near the tent. Please stick around — you may go home with a prize! 

THANK YOUS…. I am able to select who gets bib #1 each year. Here are the PAST BIB #1s… and the 2022 Bib #1!

  • 2015 — Ciorsdan thank you for helping with the whole event. Always #1 in my heart. I love you babe! 
  • 2016 — Tony and Judy Godino – hiking the course today? Reverse direction? 
  • 2017 — Charlie Vaccaro (Past BIB #1!!!). The record is officially paused for 2020-21. 
  • 2018 — My parents John and Patricia Cummings – who are here today!
  • 2019 — Lee Willett – SundayRuns.org keeper of the maps, the compass, and the plan.
  • 2021 — Jeff Main, superintendant of Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Without his guidance and support, the race does not happen. Jeff is a quiet leader and has a deep history with this park and the Westchester County Park system. 
  • 2022 – Ed Dee, who won last year’s Raven Rocks Run and is back looking to repeat. Ed is an always-enthusiastic regular in the sunday runner crew. Ed loves the trails.

THE Trail Mix race directors: Lee, Veronica, Eric, David, Brant, Megan, and Nancy. (many races in the series are represented here?). Each year it keeps getting better — I will update the Trail Mix website with the 2022 results. If you don’t know what the Trail Mix Series is, check out trailmixseries.org.

Youngest Registered Runners:

  • M – Tyler Mann (9)
  • F – Miriam Wilson (14)

Oldest Registered Runners:

  • M – Jimmy McGough, Ed Moore, John Kiselak, Michael Scourby, and Murray Rosenblith. 
  • F – Heather Langham, Sharon Zinni, Renee Goldstein

Final Thank Yous and acknowledgements:

  • Jacob Benesch – Dedicated Sunday Runner, left the east coast for med school in Seattle. His Raven passion is missed here on the trail. But he is running with us virtually in the 100k Challenge!
  • Sunday Runners, many are volunteers here. Thanks for keeping the trails well traveled!
  • Parks department – Jeff, Chase, Mike, and the rest of the crew who are so supportive of what we do. 
  • Tom Cohn – past president of the Friends of Trailside and THE driving force behind the newly energized “bring back the fire tower” effort. Big supporter of this race and runners.
  • Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation – Thank you for your support of the Museum and Park!
  • Cecilia Sopranoamichiart.com – designed the t-shirt. And she did 2018, 2019, and 2021 shirt as well as all of the Run the Farm shirts since 2014. 
  • LVAC – Volunteers all of them. What a great group of community members. They will take care of you if you should need it. Hopefully you meet them after you have crossed the finish line and are having a bagel & coffee.
  • PRVFD – All volunteers as well. If you get into trouble on the course they are ready to help.
  • Race volunteers – ATHLETIC TEAL t-shirts – thanks to them we get to have a race!

OK, now for the start! (…. is the timer ready? all right!)

—Ready, Set, Go! ………. And they’re off! 

2022 Results Posted

We have posted the 2022 results here: https://ravenrocksrun.org/results/2022-results/.

Thanks runners for making this a great day and thanks to our volunteers for pitching in and making it happen.

We are working on a recap of the day and have started to get photos and video organized and uploaded. Check back at this page later on for the recap link — and refresh the 2022 photos link to see more as we upload.

Our photographers do a great job! Today Carol, Gene, Tom, Sawyer, Orion, and Rob took photos and video — plus thanks to all of the runners who will be submitting photos – thank you in advance! (hint: upload yours to this album!)

Race Day 2022 is here!

 Welcome to the 7th Annual Raven Rocks Run!


YES there will be same day registration – opens 7:15am

Directions • Course Map

Photos • Upload Your Photos

Update: ALL Results 2022 Results

One tip for this year’s race: Bring another pair of shoes. The grass around the registration tent is a bit soggy. You may want a dry pair of shoes (and socks!) to drive home in!

And if you haven’t yet joined the

Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation,

you can do it now by clicking here: