Raven Challenge Badges and Achievements

Note the 2022 Woodallion design is shown below.

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The November Raven 100k Challenge has two goals:

  1. Get to 100k during the month of November by walking, hiking, or running. If you don’t log 100k or more during the month of November, you will not earn the woodallion. Don’t worry, there’s always next year!
  2. Earn as many fun and challenging badges and achievements as possible during the month. (see badge images below)
“Woodallion” has places for each badge that can be earned — with all badges shown as placeholders. We also include participant name, distance, and plus any optional special recognition* for 2022. The star and the meteor insets are the badges for the Veteran’s Day badge and the Raven Meteor badge.

You must achieve 100k to obtain your custom finisher woodallion. If you don’t get to 100k you are not eligible for the badges.

Some of the badges are relatively easy to achieve. Other badges are very difficult. Some are extremely difficult.

For example, to get the turkey, bald eagle, and veteran badges, you simply have to log an activity in RunSignup.com/ravenrocks/results on those days.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are these badges:

  1. To get the Raven Rockstar badge, you must compete FIVE Raven Rocks 10k courses (walk, hike, or run) in ONE DAY. That’s 50k!
  2. To get the Peeter Badge, you must complete 32 or more Raven Rocks 10k courses in the month of November.
  3. The Raven Meteor badge is given to challenge participants who witness a meteor during a run in November.

It’s the Raven Challenge, after all, not the Raven easy

For those who like to push themselves, there are two achievements:

  1. First, Second, and Third fastest to 100k (male and female)
  2. First, Second, and Third overall longest distance in November (male and female)

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for these achievements, you must enter your distances within 36 hours of completing them. That way the others in the challenge who are pushing themselves to the limit can track how they are doing relative to the competition. If you enter all of your data in batches and you come into contention for one of these achievements, you will not be eligible.

Below are the badge images, names, and how you get them on your woodallion after completing 100k in November.

Blank Woodallion with no badges

The badge art is lightly engraved onto Woodallion to hint the potential badge that can be earned.

Woodallion with badges

Each “badge” earned is a bold engraved/cut badge tile that is fastened into place to show the badge has been achieved.

The White Raven badge crowns at the top. The Raven Meteor badge is to the side.

The Veteran’s Star is added to float above the fire tower.

The Raven, Ultra Raven, and Full Flock badges (upper left) “stack.” This means each higher one takes precedence over the lower level badge. The Raven Badge is for running the Raven Rocks Run course 1 time, the Ultra Raven is for running the course 5 times, the Full Flock badge is for running the course 10 times.