Raven 100k Challenge Badge Submission Form

You can submit now then submit again later if you get another badge.

Badge graphics and descriptions can be found here.

The distance badges are tracked using runsignup.com/ravenrocks/results. The date badges (Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and Election Day activity) are tracked by matching up the dates of activities to the day of the badge. (e.g. if you log an activity on 11/11 you will get the Veteran’s Day badge.)

Distance and date tracking results can be found on the Raven Rocks website here.

For the photo badges we have included links here to upload photos or you can email them to ravenrocksrun@gmail.com.

If you have already posted pics to the photo submission at RunSignup.com then we have them – thank you! You can submit again if you can’t remember 🙂

If you know it it will help link your badges back to your distance entries — but it is not necessary for this form. Bib number is 4 digits and can be found next to your results on https://runsignup.com/ravenrocks/results
If you accept this challenge, we will send you a location in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation where a Raven Challenge surprise is waiting. These locations will be off-trail enough so they are not visible to the casual hiker or trail runner. Some are more difficult to find than others but *most* will be reasonable. If you accept and post a photo when you get the bonus Raven GPS Badge. The location will use the “What3Words” app (or website https://what3words.com) on your phone so download it in advance and we will send you your three word location.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Upload any stray photos here (if you already have done this at Runsignup.com/ravenrocks/results no need to upload again!) You can upload photos after posting each distance at Runsignup. Click the “Submit Photos” link and it will automatically associate the photos with your entry.
Some good evenings to see this phenomenon are Nov 17-18: https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/meteor-shower/leonids.html
You can submit this form more than once if you achieve other badges. Let us know any questions via the field above or via email ravenrocksrun@gmail.com.