Fire Tower

Cross River Mountain Fire Tower

Members of our group have been working for over 10 years to bring back the Fire Tower to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. As the project gets closer to reality, the public will have several ways of helping to fund the restoration and ongoing programming at the tower. Together with the Westchester Parks Foundation we will have a fundraising account and ideas for recognition at the tower and base.

Restoration of a Historic Landmark

Some history and then animation showing the plan for the restored fire tower at the top of Cross River Mountain in Pound Ridge, NY.
Westchester County Video from Summer 2023 discussing the restoration of the Fire Tower to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Below: View a short clip of the spectacular aerial views from over 950 ft above sea level. The film below was shot on location, at the site of the original Ward Pound Ridge Fire Tower.

2019 Update: the Fire Tower restoration has received funding from NY State and Westchester County to begin the restoration process!

An Icon of the Past

The beautiful and historic fire tower was erected in 1926 and was used by the community until the 1970’s. The County Parks operated the tower until the 1930’s when the NYS Conservation Department began its operations.

Photo taken in 1970 of the Aeromotor Company Model #LS-40 Fire Tower in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

The tower, the only one of its kind ever in Westchester County, was a critical asset to the community as it served as a monitoring station for forest fires. According to a Westchester County government report from 1975 indicates that about 500 fires were reported from the tower between 1966 and 1968, with tower observers working with aerial support to pinpoint their locations.

The tower was decommissioned by the DEC in 1971 and was taken down without county approval several years later.

A Figure of Beauty

View from Cross River Mountain
  • The 60 foot tower stood at the highest point of Cross River Mountain
  • The tower stood on land at 960 feet above sea level
  • If restored, it would be the highest point in Westchester County. (Nearby Bailey Mountain is 983 feet above sea level at its summit, but the elevation plus the tower height would exceed 1,000 feet above sea level.)
  • A spectacular 360 degree view with a visibility of 50-100 miles depending on the weather
  • From the tower Long Island, New York City, the Hudson River, the Catskills and the Appalachian Mountains can be observed

A Symbol for the Community

Entrance to the Park
  • Over 100,000 people per year visit the reservation, the addition of the restored fire tower would increase tourism in the area as a much sought after destination
  • Restoration of the historic landmark will give the community and surrounding tri-state area a symbol for our shared history
  • As a focal point of the reservation, the tower would aid in drawing concern and support for the future of the reservation and all that it offers 

The surrounding towns of Bedford, Lewisboro and Pound Ridge are on record offering their support.

If you would like more information or are interested in offering your support, please contact us and we will add you to our supporters list.

Here are some articles about the fire tower restoration effort from the Journal News, the Pound Ridge Daily Voice, The Lewisboro Ledger, News 12 Westchester (video), and Fios 1 (video),

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