2022 Raven 100k Challenge Status Update

There are 89 raven challenge participants reporting their results to date.

  • UPDATE: 73 of these participants have entered enough distance to qualify for a challenge woodallion.
  • Sixteen were lower than the cutoff. Missing the 100k mark unfortunately does not qualify for a 100k challenge finisher woodallion 🙁
  • The cutoff for submissions has passed. The table below is what was sent to the custom laser engraving company.
  • We have to get them the data to print the name and distance customized woodallions — plus the custom badges — so we can get the woodallions to the 100k challenge finishers in a timely manner.

Anyone registered who reaches 100k or higher walking, hiking, or running in November gets a custom Raven Challenge Woodallion suitable for display — and even suitable to hang on holiday decorations!

FINAL TALLY is below as of 12/5/22 with the badge claims and distances reported.

If you need the link to claim your badges, click here. If you have new badges to claim, you can submit the form as many times as needed and we will “superscore” your badge claims (i.e. once you claim a badge you don’t need to claim it again on a subsequent form submission).

Let us know if you have any questions… See you on the trails!

2022 Badges and Distances for 100k Challenge

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