Month: October 2021

November Raven Events

Raven Rocks Run – 10k Trail Run – Sunday, November 14 @9am – Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Raven 100k Challenge – Walk, Hike, or Run 100k during the month of November 2021

Raven Rocks Run – 10k Trail Run

The Raven Rocks Run is a challenging 10k trail run at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY.

Race is in-person Sunday, November 14th, 2021 starting at 9am. 

The race will start in the Meadow near the fallen oak tree and its massive remains. The course passes by the spot where the Leatherman’s Loop begins. Instead of heading towards the river as the Loop does, the Raven Rocks Run 10k course climbs and climbs up to the two highest points in the park (Raven Rocks Overlook and the Fire Tower Summit) before heading back for a (mostly) downhill and (relatively) flat finish.

The course passes by the site of the former Blue Trail fire tower which is the highest point in the park. We are working towards getting back the tower to its former spot in the park. See Course Map page for course details.

More information about the race and tower project is on the About page and the FAQ page of our website.

One of our limitations is a cap on 10k runners at 300 — so sign up early. We have gone over that number the last few times we put on the race — so it could get full or it may not. Depends on the runner demand!

We are looking forward to November when we will run this event for the SIXTH time — and we hope we can accommodate all who wish to run and keep everyone socially distant and COVID-safe!

Important: We have preliminary approval, but our race plans are contingent on final permit approval from the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation. If the COVID-19 situation changes and this approval is revoked and we are unable to offer the in-person event, we will still have the virtual 100k event. We will also offer a 10k race registration fee refund (minus the charge that goes to the processing company) or race deferrals to 2022 for runners if the race is called off by the county. If we have placed the shirt order before a refund is requested we will send the race shirt via mail to runners. 

November Raven 100k Challenge

The Challenge: Walk, hike, or run 100k during the month of November 2021. Distance can be done anywhere, the only requirement is that it be on your feet.

The Rewards:

  • You stay active as the days shorten and the weather cools down.
  • You can join our Strava Club to track your November progress and share with other challengers.
  • If you are in the local area of the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, you can check out the Raven Rocks overlook which is on the Raven Rocks 10k Run course (and there are a pair of Ravens who live there that you might see if y your timing is right!).
  • You can earn badges as you unlock the various achievements we have set up.
  • At the end of the month we tally your totals and send or give you a custom finisher “woodallion” with your name and badges and achievements (see image below) along with your shirt (if purchased).
The 2020 Raven 100k Challenge “woodallion” – design will change for 2021 – stay tuned!

Below are the badge images and names from last year and further down are the descriptions of the achievements. We are open to suggestions on adding more badges – especially if you are outside of the local Raven Rocks / Ward Pound Ridge area! Maybe an international badge if you run a Raven related course outside the USA!

Badge descriptions:

– Run 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (raven badge)
– Run 5x 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (ultra raven badge)
– Run 10x 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (full flock badge)
– Take a selfie at the Raven Rocks Overlook and send it in (photographer badge)
– Submit a photo of yourself on a run with your “I Voted” sticker (bald eagle badge) or if you can’t vote in the election, next to someone with an “I Voted” sticker.
– Submit a photo of you running on Thanksgiving (turkey award)
– Photo of a raven anywhere (citizen award) (merged with traveler badge)
– Do a run in the dark to Raven Rocks (night owl badge)
– Do a run at dawn to Raven Rocks (cobweb crew badge)
– 200k distance in November (snowy owl badge)
– 300k distance in November (white raven badge)
– Read a stanza from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” poem and send us a link. Use SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, or whatever audio service you want. (wise owl badge)

New badges this year include the “Peeter Badge” named for Peeter Muursepp who during last year’s Raven 100k Challenge did 33 loops of the 10k Raven Rocks course. Get up to 33 loops to earn the badge. Surpass it with 34 (or more) and the badge name changes to your name!

EDIT: Jacob Benesch has proposed a new badge for anyone doing 5x Raven Rocks 10k course in one day. We already have a badge named the Ultra Raven Badge, what name should we give this one? Let us know your suggestions! (email

Let us know if you have any questions about the Raven 100k Challenge for November 2021 – email Thanks!

See you on the trails!