Month: November 2020

Last Day to Run The Raven 100k November Challenge!

This November was perfect for running, walking, or hiking! So many possible days to get out and enjoy the outdoors – or stay inside and get a treadmill run in. There was Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and Election Day. Plus this November had FIVE Sundays for going long. 

Many of you took advantage and then some. Watching the challenge distances get higher and higher I got a bit of vertigo. Wow! 

Some instructions for final steps for the challenge… reporting in your distances, your badges, and some other stuff:

  • Please have your distances entered by December 4th. I have to get the distances to the company doing the custom laser cutting of the Raven 100k Challenge “woodallions” and in order to turn them around so I can get them out to you we have to have a cut off day!
  • If you want your name to appear differently than it shows on your RunSignup results page, please let us know via the badge claim form at
  • If you are interested in the Wise Owl Badge, thanks to Joe’s suggestion we now have a way to pick your stanza and see if anyone else has picked it too. You have until December 5th to submit a video of you reading a stanza from The Raven poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Visit: (password: 3352) and see what’s available to read. It’s not exactly what Perfect Potluck is designed to do, but it seems to work for our needs here. The words to The Raven poem are here: (scroll down to bottom of that page for poem text).
  • There are still GPS Challenge Sites available to find in the Rez. If you haven’t requested yours you can still get a location! We set up over 60 challenge items in the park and 18 of them are still out there waiting to be found. Any that are unassigned after the Challenge ends we will have a Raven Recovery Run in December to sweep the park of all traces of this event 🙂
  • If you have already submitted but have updates, it is OK to submit again with your new claims. You don’t need to resubmit previous claims but it doesn’t break anything if you do 🙂
  • If you didn’t order a shirt when you signed up there are two more shirts available. You can place an order at A sample of the shirt is on the purchase page and it features the logo from the below this text on this page. Note the Raven 100k Challenge logo incorporates and remixes design elements from all five of the Raven Rocks Run race shirts from 2015-2019. 
  • If you haven’t joined the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation for the 2021 year you can still do that via the race page here: The Friends group is a 501(c)3 organization that supports the museum and park in its educational, environmental, and historical endeavors.

Let me know if you have any questions…

See you on the trails! 

…. Rob Cummings 

Raven Rocks Run and Raven 100k Challenge Race Director

Raven 100k November Challenge On! Sign up through Nov 15

A November adventure awaits! The Raven 100k Challenge

Runners have started their Raven 100k Challengebut there is plenty of time to register and join in before November 15th. Sign up by then and you can add your already-run November mileage to your entry. 

What is the Raven 100k Challenge?

The Raven 100k Challenge is simple: first, register for the challenge.

Then run, hike, or walk 100k during the month of November 2020. This works out to an average of around 3k per day or 25k (15 miles) per week.

Each day or every few days, report your mileage on your profile at under “Raven 100k Challenge” or visit and enter your distance there.

The Raven 100k Challenge, like the Raven Rocks Run, will support the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization based at the Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

Visit to get running with a dedicated group of runners. Join the Raven 100k Challenge group on Strava.

Note: You can register as late as November 15 and enter your mileage to date when you register.

When you sign up, we will send you a Raven Challenge Gift. If you complete the challenge, you will receive a custom wooden finisher medallion. (prototype shown below with a few bonus badges included)

Bonus achievements

Image: custom finisher lasercut prototype with distance total and sample “achievement unlocked” badges on the bottom

In addition to running, walking, or hiking 100k during November, there are several bonus achievement badges you can unlock if you are able:

– Run 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (raven badge)
– Run 5x 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (ultra raven badge)
– Run 10x 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (full flock badge)
– Take a selfie at the Raven Rocks Overlook and send it in (photographer badge)
– Take a selfie at any Raven related site, store, zoo, etc. and send it in (traveler badge)
– Submit a photo of yourself on a run with your “I Voted” sticker (bald eagle badge) or if you can’t vote in the election, next to someone with an “I Voted” sticker.
– Submit a photo of you running on Thanksgiving (turkey award)
– Photo of a raven anywhere (citizen award)
– Do a run in the dark to Raven Rocks (night owl badge)
– 200k distance in November (snowy owl badge)
– 300k distance in November (white raven badge)
– Read a stanza from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” poem and send us a link. Use SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, or whatever audio service you want. (wise owl badge)

In addition, we will have awards for:

– First 3 men and First 3 women to 100k
– Top 3 men and Top 3 women in total kilometers.

Note: In order to win these awards, distance submissions need to be made via GPX files.

Halfway bonus search

For those in the area near Ward Pound Ridge Reservation we have a special treat in mind. After you pass the 50 kilometer mark on your Raven 100k Challenge, we will send you GPS coordinates to somewhere in the park where we have hidden a small surprise for you to find. The surprise gifts will be obvious once you get there, but not easy to find unless you have the coordinates. Let us know when you find your halfway bonus (or if you can’t find it!).

We hope you can join us virtually in November for the Raven 100k Challenge! It is possible you will see others running the course and at the Rez, possibly even on the original race day Sunday 11/8.

Please let us know any questions you have.

…. Rob Cummings

Raven Rocks Run and Raven 100k Challenge Race Director

PS: Anyone who registered for the Raven Rocks Run can choose from these four paths:

1. Run the Virtual Raven Rocks Run on Nov 5th-9th as outlined as an original option,

2. Refund, no questions asked,

3. Roll over registration to the 2021 Raven Rocks Run race (this is the default option!),

4. Convert registration to the November 2020 Raven 100k Challenge which includes a virtual 2020 Raven Rocks 10k course run option. Details below.

If you have already registered for the Raven Rocks Run, please email us at with your choice of virtual 10k, refund, rollover to next year, or conversion of your registration to the Raven 100k Challenge.

If we don’t hear from you by November 15 we will include you in the rollover to the 2021 Raven Rocks Run.

If you haven’t registered yet, it is our hope that many of you sign up for the virtual Raven 100k Challenge.