Raven Rocks Run Cancelled – Raven 100k Challenge Announcement Below

Trail Runners,

We had planned a new type of hybrid race for this November’s Raven Rocks Run. Alas, with the changing pandemic situation, the county declined the final permits required to hold the hybrid race on Sunday, November 8.

Anyone who is currently registered can choose from these four paths:

  1. Run the Virtual Raven Rocks Run on Nov 5th-9th as outlined as an original option,
  2. Refund, no questions asked,
  3. Roll over registration to the 2021 Raven Rocks Run race,
  4. Convert registration to the November 2020 Raven 100k Challenge which includes a virtual 2020 Raven Rocks 10k course run. Details below.

If you have already registered for the Raven Rocks Run, please email us at ravenrocksrun@gmail.com with your choice of virtual 10k, refund, rollover to next year, or conversion of your registration to the Raven 100k Challenge.

It is our hope that many of you pick the virtual Raven 100k Challenge and meet up with many of the veteran runners in the SundayRuns.org group who are very familiar with the Rez and the Raven Rocks course. There are FIVE Sundays in November – plus Thanksgiving! If you run those six days with us that will likely get you at least halfway to the 100k. And some of the chosen Sunday courses might be very similar to the Raven Rocks course…

We tried to work to make this hybrid Raven Rocks race happen — but local circumstances and outlook have made it not possible at this point. We have already invested some $$ in the cancelled race and are moving forward with the extended November Raven 100k Challenge event, but we understand if you can’t do it or are not interested.

We hope you are inspired to take on the Raven 100k Challenge for the month of November. We were inspired to put on this virtual event by the “Run Like a Wolf” 100 mile challenge from the NY Wolf Center in South Salem NY that many of us participated in during this past August.

We have a few bonuses and surprises in store for the Raven 100k Challenge. Read on for more information.

The Raven 100k Challenge

The Raven Challenge is simple: first, register for the challenge. Then run, hike, or walk 100k during the month of November 2020. This works out to an average of around 3k per day or 25k (15 miles) per week.

The Raven 100k Challenge, like the Raven Rocks Run, will support the Friends of Trailside Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization based at the Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

Note: You can register as late as November 15 and enter your mileage to date when you register.

When you sign up, we will send you your Raven Challenge Gift. If you complete the challenge, you will receive a wooden finisher medallion.

Bonus achievements

In addition to running, walking, or hiking 100k during November, there are several bonus achievement badges you can unlock if you are able:

  • Run 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (raven badge)
  • Run 5x 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (ultra raven badge)
  • Run 10x 10k on the Raven Rocks Run course (full flock badge)
  • Take a selfie at the Raven Rocks Overlook and send it in (photographer badge)
  • Take a selfie at any Raven related site, store, zoo, etc. and send it in (traveler badge)
  • Submit a photo of yourself on a run with your “I Voted” sticker (bald eagle badge) or if you can’t vote in the election, next to someone with an “I Voted” sticker.
  • Submit a photo of you running on Thanksgiving (turkey award)
  • Photo of a raven anywhere (citizen award)
  • Do a run in the dark to Raven Rocks (night owl badge)
  • 200k distance in November (snowy owl badge)
  • 300k distance in November (white raven badge)
  • Read a stanza from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” poem and send us a link. Use soundcloud, youtube, facebook, whatever service you want. (wise owl badge)
  • Any other badge ideas? We are open to suggestions 🙂

In addition, we will have awards for:

  • First 3 men and First 3 women to 100k
  • Top 3 men and Top 3 women in total kilometers.
  • Note: In order to win these awards distance submissions need to be made via GPX files.

Halfway bonus search

For those in the area near Ward Pound Ridge Reservation we have a special treat in mind. After you pass the 50 kilometer mark on your Raven 100k Challenge, we will send you GPS coordinates to somewhere in the park where we have hidden a small surprise for you to find. It will be obvious once you get there, but not easy to find unless you have the coordinates. Let us know when you find your halfway bonus (or if you can’t find it!).

We hope you can join us virtually in November for the Raven 100k Challenge! It is possible you will see others running the course and at the Rez, possibly on the original sunday.

Please let us know any questions you have. ravenrocksrun@gmail.com.

Rob Cummings

Raven Rocks Run and Raven 100k Challenge Race Director

Updated: October 28, 2020 — 11:05 am

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